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  Top quality designers used the finest Akoya cultured pearls to make fine jewelry, Tahitian black pearl and gold clasps fashioning beautiful necklaces. Since ancient times, Akoya cultured pearls necklace have been prized for their beauty and magical powers. Akoya pearls are the specialty of Japanese Pearl farms. Akoya Pearls are known for their high luster and rich color they are considered to be the "classic" Pearls - and a great investment too! 

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Akoya Pearl Jewelry Akoya Pearl Necklace Akoya Pearl Earrings Fresh Water Pearl Jade Necklace
Sold $300 Sale $150 $450 Sale $225 $120 Sale $60
Japan Akoya Pearl Necklace Akoya Pearl Necklace Akoya Cultured Pearl Fresh Water Pearl & Jade Set
 14k Gold Clasp Strand Pearl 14k. Gold Earrings Necklace and Bracelet
15 inches 16 inches   Bracelet measures 8 inches
(15 inch, 6mm to 6.5mm) (16 inch, 6mm to 6.5mm)   24 inches Necklace
Akoya Pearl Necklace    
$1,750 Sale $600 $600 Sale $300    
Opera Length Pearl Necklace Black Onyx Necklace    
116 Akoya Pears 14k. Gold Clasp    
31 inches 32 inches    
 (31 inches, 6mm to 6.5mm) Peal and 14k gold    

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The pearl is a soft gem.  The less expensive it is, the more fragile it is, because inexpensive pearls have a thin layer of nacre from being harvested prematurely.  The minimum thickness of nacre for a pearl you intend to keep for more than a few years of frequent wear should be .35 millimeters; .5 is better. 

Proper care means protecting them from contact with rough fabric or any type of acid. Never clean them in ordinary jewelry cleaner,  ammonia or vinegar.  In the jewelry box, keep them away from contact with other pieces of jewelry. Ideally they should be put in a soft cloth bag; but never use a plastic bag - this will seal out air and hasten deterioration.

After each wearing, wipe your pearls with a soft cloth to remove body oil, makeup, and pollution.  Wear your pearls at least once a month, the humidity from your body does them good.  If you wear your pearls on a regular basis, have them professionally cleaned every year to prevent dust, powder, and skin oils from accumulating in the bead holes.  Have the beads re-strung (and the clasp checked)  the moment you notice the string stretching or looking deteriorated.  Always apply your perfume and hair spray before you take your pearls out of the bag. 

As mentioned, wearing your pearls on a regular basis seems to improve their luster.

The advice on pearl care comes from jewelry experts Linda and Perry, as well as from our frequent visitors. If you'd like to add anything to pearl care, or have us add a topic of interest for you, email us at


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