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Vintage Screws Earrings

  Our e-store offers the finest vintage screws earrings. Designers like  Weiss and Vendome. These were crafted using only the finest materials such as aurora borealis, rhinestone, crystal and gold tone. These pieces are good examples of the workmanship one could expect from small family owned jewelry companies of the day. Each item was meticulously hand crafted.
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Weiss Earrings, Amethyst Chatons Pink Cabochon

White Beaded Earrings

Filigree Earrings Vendome Jewelry Earrings
$35 Sale $24

$40 Sale $20

$25 Sale $17 $35 Sale $20
Weiss Earrings Milk Glass Screw Gold Tone Filigree Vintage Earrings
Prong-Set Made in Japan Pink Rose Center, Screw-Back Clip Back
Rhinestone Earring Weiss Earrings, Black Rhinestones Aurora Borealis Earrings Aurora Borealis Crystal Earrings lots of Sparkle
$45 Sale $20   $30 Sale $21 $45 Sale $20 $40 Sale $20
Screw-Back Weiss Earrings Aurora Borealis Glass Crystals
 Earring Rhinestone Vintage Black and Clear Rhinestones Dainty Clip Blue Aurora Borealis
Deep Red Beaded Earrings Weiss Earrings, Blue Austrian Rhinestones   Darius Jewelry
$35 Sale $20 $40 Sale $25   Sold
West Germany Weiss Prong-Set   Elegant Darius
Deep Red Colored Stones Blue & Gold Tone   Deep Red Center Stone

 If you receive an item you are not satisfied with, you may return it for a full refund. Email us at within 30 days.

Note: Our e-store offers the finest Vintage Screws Earrings can be found on subsequent pages.

Vintage costume jewelry on our website will denote the period from the late 1920s to the early 1970s. Vintage costume jewelry was made mostly in base metals, though brass and sterling were also used.  Sometimes a gold wash appeared over the base metals.

This jewelry was inexpensive to produce, however, the designs had an intrinsic beauty that made each piece unique and special.  This jewelry grew out of the desire of the average person to have copies of real jewelry.  Hollywood had a huge influence on people wanting look-alike copies of jewelry worn by screen idols. Vintage costume jewelry is a wearable art and many of the pieces were made by famous designers and companies. Each item reflects the historical period in which it was made.


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