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Back Siam silver is a type of silver that is very collectible. Siam (presently known as Thailand since 1941), is the enchanted land depicted in the fantasy movie The King and I. Siam silver jewelry provides a contrast of colors between the black field and highlighted silver design. This contrast of polished silver against a black field accentuated by the figural design of a Thai woman dancer in traditional costume, gives Siamese silver jewelry its unique and distinctive look.

The popular technical term for this type of jewelry is "niello." The technology dates back several thousand years and was used by the Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Celts and Romans.

  The Siamese niello is a metallic sulphide compound traditionally prepared in a formula of one part fine silver, five parts each copper and lead, and sulphur. The compound, which melts at a temperature several hundred degrees (Fahrenheit) below that of silver, is brought to a melting point, filling all the channels and cavities of the designed silver base. The result is a permanent fusion of the niello and the silver base. There is a reflective contrast of black and silver colors highlighting the design when the jewelry is polished. Siamese silver jewelry can be easily identified by its unique ethnic motifs. There are some variations with fields other than black, or translucent enamel designs, primarily blue, and sometimes a rare white.
  This is a beautifully-crafted cobalt blue Siam silver pin. It is marked Amfarco; this is a company that started in the 1930s and its full name was Amfarco & Hamlet & Co. The pin measures 3" in width and 2" in height. The pin is done in the shape of a fan, with the edges all done in open-work. It has the Goddess of Lightning as its theme.
I found information about Siam Silver on your website, in my efforts to identify a Siam Silver pin which was handed down to me. I'm wondering if you could advise me on how best to clean this piece. Any advice is much appreciated!
Thank you,

Hi Sharon,

I use a little silver cleaner on a soft cloth or a jewelry polishing cloth. The niello is the material and process that is used for the colors black, white and etc. on the silver it is very hard and durable and silver polish will clean it too.
Good Day,
Perry & Linda
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