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Back The word brooch comes from the French “broche”, which means "skewer." Brooch is an alternative name for a pin. The brooch, or pin, is an ornamental clasp, having an attached pin for affixing it to a garment, hat, hood, turban or sleeve. It is either used as a fastener, or simply for decorative purposes. The body of the brooch comes in many forms: a disc, ring, heart, flower, bow-knot, or any fantasy shape.
  The brooch evolved originally from the fibula of safety-pin form, and that term is sometimes loosely applied to any form of ancient brooch. A modern brooch usually has a pin and a catch at the back. Brooches have been made into many sizes and have been decorated with enameling, engravings and gemstones. Sometimes brooches are embellished with a suspended pearl, tassel or small pendant.
  Brooches were originally worn by both men and women. They were an important part of the wardrobe during the medieval period. Brooches were practical as well as decorative in holding together cloaks, tunics and other various bits of fabric. The types of brooches made throughout history depended on the fashions of the day.
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