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A pendant is a decorative element suspended from a necklace, chain or cord (some Renaissance pieces were fastened to the sleeve), either as an auxiliary decoration or as an object worn for its own sake. Examples of pendants would include an amulet, locket, cameo or a cross. However, ornamental pendants were also very popular and were usually made of gold, silver, enamel, or set with a gemstone. Pendants can be devotional, for mourning or - to the superstitious - magical.
  The Victorian era saw pendants come into fashion and were often worn in multiples on necklaces. Lockets were also very popular accessories during this era. In 1910 the vogue for low collars invited all sorts of pretty neck ornaments. Many of the pendants from this period were often enhanced by a black moiré ribbon rather than a chain.  Others included fine wires twisted into filigree work. And much of the metal had a very thin edge or depth.
  Enamel work was very popular, and the pendants of the1925 - 1940 periods reflect this vogue. The Art Deco period introduced long pendants. Pendants vary greatly in style and size, from the simple and primitive examples, to the symbolic ones of the Middles Ages, to the elaborately jeweled ones of the Renaissance and modern times.
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