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Antique Bracelet, Necklace and Pendants

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  Our e-store offers the finest antique bracelet, necklace and pendant. Filigree cross necklace, Whitby jet necklaces, hand-painted locket, pink flapper glass bead, and memento case. These were hand-made by master craftsmen using only the finest in materials from the Victorian period, such as vulcanite, sapphire, silver, and glass.

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$450 Sale $315 $375 Sale $180 $450 Sale $220  
Yellow Jade Intaglios Victorian Whitby Jet Necklace Whitby Jet Necklace  
Silver Necklace Mourning Jewelry Crystal Spacers  
$125 Sale $60 $170 Sale $85 $120 Sale $60  
1930's Carved Wooden Bracelet Antique Tortoise Shell Art Nouveau Brass  
  Silver Inlaid Spider Bracelet  

If you receive an item you are not satisfied with, you may return it for a full refund. Email us at within 30 days.

Our e-store provides antique jewelry from c.1790 to the Art Deco period in this section. Each designer used materials of the day like fine gold, silver, brass, vulcanite, diamonds, pearls, rhinestones, shell, coral and other natural materials. These craftsmen created rings, pins, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and other unique pieces of jewelry that show the period styles of their day in history.

Our Great designers and master craftsmen from different time periods have brought to us brilliant works of art from the Victorian period (1837 - 1900), Arts and Crafts movement (1894 - 1923), Art Nouveau period (1890 - 1915), Edwardian period (1901 - 1914), and Art Deco period (1920 - 1935). Jewelry that is 100 years old or more falls into the category.

You can browse all of our antique jewels sale by the many different categories that we have. We strive to ensure your satisfaction with each purchase.

Collecting antique jewelry can bring you endless hours of enjoyment, and teach you the subtleties of other times and other places. Jewelry that is 100 years old falls into the category of antique jewelry. Our collection includes items from mainly the Art Deco era (1910 - 1930).


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